Alumni Return to Their Alma Mater—Centennial Luncheon

Event name: Feast of the Century- Alumni Return to Their Alma Mater
Event date: 2022/9/28
Event location: 4F, Gymnasium, Main Campus
Contact person: Ya-Wen Yang 7749-1038

  • Participants: Former presidents of the school, alumni in business and politics, the chairperson of the national alumni association, representatives from domestic and foreign alumni associations, representatives of graduated classes in each department, and alumni who have contributed to NTNU were invited to share in this moment of glory for NTNU.
  • Event program

1100-1200             Sign in

1200-1410    Centennial Luncheon

Guest remarks

100 Years of NTNU celebrations

Remarks from sister schools abroad

NTNU united

Let’s face the future together


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