National Taiwan Normal University: A Century of Scholarly Thought

Activity time: September 2022
Organizer: Library

As 2022 happens to be the 100th anniversary of National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU), the library has published a special issue to celebrate the centennial of NTNU. We hope that the special issue will help our alumni find their roots and recall the good days at NTNU and encourage our teachers, students, and the community to know about the history and rich heritage of NTNU.

This special issue is published in two parts. The first part shows the history and glamor of NTNU with great pictures and words. It has also collected a special article on NTNU’s history and introduction to masters of NTNU, presidents, outstanding alumni and centennial events, Academic and administrative organizations, and the campus environment. The second part is a collection of special articles written by colleges and the Academy of Preparatory Programs for Overseas Students to present NTNU’s development and characteristics in various domains and our significant contributions within and outside the country. From this book, we can also see the social microcosm of Taiwan over the last hundred years. Regardless of the limited space of printed pages, we aspire to inherit the spirit of NTNU, head toward the first centennial, and welcome the next century.

National Taiwan Normal University:  A Century of Scholarly Thought
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