100 Years of NTNU LINE Points Event

Event name: 100 Years of NTNU LINE Points Event
Event date: 2022/4/4-2022/9/30
Participants: Graduating students, alumni, and all enrolled students
Organized by: NTNU Class of 2022 Graduate Student Service Association, NTNU Public Affairs, and Alumni Center.
Contact person: Ms. Hai-Ying Lu, Alumni Center 7749-1034

  • Event description:

The shopping district around NTNU is an important part of the memories of many students. The event will recommend 50 beloved local stores, which are divided into the three categories of food, fun, and fashion. Alumni, graduating students, and enrolled students are invited to visit this area during the event and relive their memories, experiencing the NTNU life from different generations at the same time. Furthermore, stores participating in this event may increase their customer base. We can help each other and prosper together.

  • Event rules:
  1. The participant shall present a student ID or alumni ID to the store to receive discounts. The participant shall also scan the points card created by the “NTNU Alumni Center” official Line account to collect points. Once enough points are collected, the participants can join the lucky draw.
  2. When redeeming the prizes, participants must have collected at least one point from each of the three types of stores.
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