[Cancellation]2022 Watermelon Festival

Event name: 2022 Watermelon Festival
Event date: 20224/25~6/2
Opening ceremony: 12:30PM 5/23

Event description:

2022 will be the fourth year of the Watermelon Festival. The highly praised watermelon eating competition will also be held. New games will be added to help students enjoy the summer sun and feel the energy of NTNU during the event. A large-scale concert has been organized for May 23 on campus. The Watermelon Festival will leave great memories in the minds of NTNU alumni.

The event is based on watermelons this year. The style of the event is based on “vibrant video games”. While highlighting the summer lifestyle and the 100th anniversary of the school, we hope to further promote our packaging and brand. We want to attract the surrounding neighborhood and stores to participate. Our goal is to provide a deeper understanding of the school through the packaging, bringing the school closer to the students and faculty, the alumni, and the community around the campus. We use the annual Watermelon Festival to share our care for each other and develop bonds between the faculty and students.


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