Glory.Joy—NTNU Centennial Concert

Time: Oct 9, 2022, 14:30

Venue: National Concert Hall

Organizer: College of Music, National Taiwan Normal University

Ticket Information:

Contact: JHAN,BING-SIANG TEL: (02)7749-3002


《Ode to Joy》, the 9th Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven, is one of the most canonical pieces for jubilee occasions all over the world. The lyrics for the voices in the 4th movement is adapted from “Ode to Joy”, a poem written by the German writer, Friedrich Schiller. Beethoven set the poetic text, which celebrates the universal values on liberty, compassion and inclusiveness, to the most sublime music.

The Centennial Jubilee is also a time to mark the efforts and achievements of local Taiwanese composers. In the first half of the concert, we will perform two pieces composed by Professor Gordon S. W. Chin, winner of the National Award for Arts. His works,《Song of the Youth》 and 《Vision of a Bridge》, express ardent feeling for and humanistic contemplation on the land and people in Taiwan with musical notes.

Let us exalt in the hope and energy which propel us to move into the future conveyed through the works of Professor Gordon S. W. Chin while at the same time inculcate the true spirit of Beethoven’s《Ode to Joy》, which takes us to conquer darkness and embrace light. Most audience are more familiar with the 4th movement of “Ode to Joy”, nevertheless, yet without the ploughing and the development of the first three movements, we cannot achieve the beauty and bliss in the finale. As NTNU celebrates her Centennial Jubilee, the Music Department of the University gathers the faculty, students and alumni to form a 100-member symphony orchestra and choir to present the works of Professor Gordon S. W. Chin and Ludwig van Beethoven as our highest paean for the University.


  1. Gordon S. W. Chin: 《Song of the Youth》(The Second of Songs without Words)
  2. Gordon S. W. Chin: 《Vision of a Bridge》
  3. Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 in D minor,《Ode to Joy》, op. 125


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