NTNU Arts Festival: Campus Installation Art Exhibition

Date: 2022/Sept~ Oct

Location: Every campus, for details, please refer to the collection information

Organizer: College of Arts

Contact: Celine Hsu (02) 7749-1988



Due to celebrate the centennial of NTNU, students are ought to create anything using “hundred”, “century” or other related celebratory images as the main theme.

The large-scale installation art works on the campus are displayed to light up the artistic atmosphere of the centennial celebration during the 2022 NTNU Art Festival.

In conjunction with the exhibition of works, FB and IG popular votes and art souvenir draws will be held.



The estimation of the 12 pieces of works and exhibition location

  • 【Centennial Harmony】/ The blue vertical strips like as not the aerial roots of a century-old Marabutan tree. NTNU generate from the history till now, shaped and developed like a thriving Marabutan tree. /The Roman Forum
  • 【Centenarian charmed crane】/Using crane as main theme represents long-live and blessings to celebrate the 100th anniversary of NTNU. Crane is also a homophonic of「congrats」in Chinese. / Administration Building
  • 【To be continue ● Hundred to infinite】/Infinite∞Imaginary, the corresponding color selection of blue to green and natural environment representing “renovation, creation and continuation”. /Vienna Woods.
  • 【Cen-Triangle】/Imaginary of a liberty bell, it symbolizes the diverse and free learning in NTNU. It spreads out in the shape of a central bell, represents NTNU is settled, adapted and relished. /Vienna Woods.
  • 【Gurgling】/ The puppets withdrawing energy from the ground and converge into an image of running water, symbolizing the long history of NTNU./Wenhui Plaza Lawn.
  • 【Stone device】/ A symbol of dream building. Using the homophonic of「bamboo」and「stone」in Chinese as the main idea to represent NTNU is standing firmly for a hundred years./ Library campus ground.
  • 【Look: Listen】/Using the six hanging bells as a symbolization of the school emblem to celebrate the centennial of NTNU./ Front tree of the College of Technology and Engineering.
  • 【Century to cultivate people】/Using annual rings to record the long history of NTNU, while the golden rain symbolizes a new future of NTNU./ the courtyard of the College of Liberal Arts
  • 【Bell fruit】/Education implication of a Chinese idiom “it takes ten years to nurture a tree, but hundred years to train a man”. The hanging fruit is a metaphor of students growing up through all these years./ Gongguan Campus
  • 【Metamorphosis ● Soar】/The use of bamboo is woven into an arc similar to butterfly wings, symbolizing NTNU has spread its wings to the world for a hundred years./ Gongguan Campus
  • 【After Infinity】/The composed of divergent piece mirror reflected by the sunlight brings out all kinds of beauty, it represents the progress of a hundred year history of NTNU./ Gongguan Campus


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